Thursday, December 10, 2020

5 Ways to Be More Interesting

This morning I logged on to do my monthly check of our website analytics. As I settled in with my coffee to peruse our latest numbers, search hits and demographics, I stumbled upon an interesting little finding.

While scrolling through our top search terms (what people search to get to the Science of People website) I found this phrase was at the top of the list:

“How to Be Interesting”

This intrigued me. Why? Because it is not a word I often hear people use. I hear people say:

I want to be more memorable
I want to me more charismatic
I want to be more impressive
I want to be more powerful
I want to be more attractive
I want to be more successful

But, I almost never hear ‘I want to be more interesting’—at least not in person. Interesting it seems is a secret wish, just reserved for search engines. Well, worry no more!

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