Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Suzy Batiz: Finding the Good in Difficult Situations

Suzy Batiz is a hustler.

She’s helmed a tanning salon, bridal store, clothing shop and staffing startup. She’s bejeweled sweat suits and designed denim high heels. At one point, she even sold lingerie by having her boyfriend at the time take a catalogue into strip clubs.

Batiz, 55, is no stranger to the struggle of entrepreneurship. Myriad business ideas of hers failed, not to mention she filed for bankruptcy twice. After some deep introspection, she realized what was holding her back: She was too focused on making money.

Fast-forward several years to 2005. Batiz had sworn off business and just spent four years on a spiritual sabbatical. She was at a dinner party when her brother-in-law asked, “Can bathroom odor be trapped?”

And so, Poo-Pourri was born.

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