Thursday, April 5, 2018

Why Can't I Find a Job? - 5 Reasons Why

In this video, I’m talking to you if you've been asking yourself "Why can't I find a job?" or "How to get a job?" or "I can't find a job". You are looking for job interview tips because you just can't seem to be the perfect fit for the jobs that you do get interviews for or you have thoughts that you are not good enough, and your job search strategies are landing you zero interviews or job offers. You are someone who lacks career growth and potential because you don't feel confident about yourself and losing hope.

Specifically, I give you 5 potential reasons on why you may not have landed your dream job offer yet and what to do to fix that:

1. Looking for a job has become a chore, no longer an exciting endeavour.
2. You place all your hope in the next job interview you get called for and feel disappointed when it doesn't work out.
3. You feel, very simply, that you're " not good enough".
4. You're not expressing professional presence.
5. You're feeling desperate rather than excited.

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