Saturday, February 10, 2018

Success Story

Pathway To Success (PTS) is a job-readiness program offered at the WDB for CalWORKs clients referred by Health & Social Services. During the two-week facilitated workshop, clients learn lifelong skills in job searching and workplace success. Dedicated staff members offer assistance, coaching and support throughout the process to ensure clients find the best job and successfully advance in their careers.

Antoine came to the PTS program with many challenges. As a single father of two who had recently lost his job, he re-entered the PTS program several times to complete the 10 day workshop series. During this time he was also facing multiple barriers that effected his participation in the program which included homelessness, divorce and custody battles.

Understanding the importance of the program, after Antoine completed his business with the courts he returned. Using the skills he acquired in the workshop coupled with the assistance he received from PTS staff, Antoine successfully entered into subsidized employment through a Wage Reimbursement Agreement (WRA) by way of the Business Service Representatives. WRA is an employer and client agreement which allows the employer to be reimbursed for the client/employee’s wages up to six months. Antoine is now earning money at a job he enjoys and is establishing stability for family.

“I’m glad I completed the workshops, where I received help with applications, resumes, and interviewing. Every day I was motivated to come to class and it felt good! I’m glad I came!”

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