Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Job Search Tips: How to Find a Holiday Job

Every year Snagajob surveys employers hiring for the season to find out what you need to know to get hired fast. In fact, 90% of employers will be hiring for the holidays AND 86% of them hope to keep some employees on after the season ends! Happy dance.

Here are 5 tips to find your holiday job.

Start your search today

I know what you’re thinking, “KIM! It’s still warm outside. Why would I be applying for holiday jobs now?”

Good point. But 55% of seasonal jobs will be filled by October. So, the earlier you start searching, the more job openings there will be. Even if you can’t start until the season kicks off, employers want to have their team in place and ready for the rush.

Think about how nice it will be to sit back and relax knowing you’ve been hired while your friends who waited until the last minute rush around to find anyone hiring.

2) Check out different industries

When you think about seasonal jobs, you might just be thinking about retail places. Don’t do that! Think about it. The more people are out shopping, the more they’re also at restaurants. And the hospitality industry really picks up as well during the holidays.

So why you should definitely be looking at retail stores you’d like to work at, also think about restaurants and hotels and tourist destinations.

3) Follow up

If you’ve been watching our videos, you know you need to follow up on job applications. If you haven’t been watching our videos...prepare to follow up on your job applications.

Over 80 percent of employers tell us that they find it impressive when people follow up on their job applications.

It’s easy! Simply go to the business, ask for the hiring manager, tell them you applied and ask about the status of the position. Bonus points if you dress professionally.

This shows the employer that you are taking your job search seriously and would make a great hire.

4) Keep it positive

Now is not the time to be grumpy. Employers tell us that having a positive attitude is the number one thing they look for when hiring seasonal employees. This is especially important if you’ve never had a job before.

When you meet with your future employer, be sure to show them how well you’ll treat their customers. The holiday season can be a bit stressful and employers want to hire people who can smile through even the busiest times.

5) Keep an open schedule

I know it’s the holiday season and you might want to spend your nights and weekends hanging out with friends and family. BUT employers tell us that having a flexible schedule and being able to work for the full season is actually more important to them than having previous work experience.

If you know you can work the entire season and you know you can come in when needed, make sure you mention this to the employer while you’re following up or in a job interview. Chances are this will make you stand out as a rockstar employee.

Make sure you check out all of our videos for more insider tips and tricks to help you get hired!

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